AC/DC 4th Generation Lightning Bolts are here! We have updated the frames, removing the front mounting hole and added another frame option with stainless steel mirror finish. 


Remove those non-functioning lightning bolt plastics and install these fully interactive versions! This is how it should have been from the factory. These AC/DC 4th Generation Lightning Bolts are plug-in and play ready. Use all factory connections and truly bring your play field to life. You will be amazed at the new light show. Each kit comes with three bolts and all connections needed. There is a tutorial video for installation. Colors available: gloss black, red, and polished stainless steel. The red version matches the premium and Luci versions of AC/DC exactly. Please note that the bolts do not come in warm (yellow) lights anymore, though the picture still shows them. You have a choice of either bright white LEDs or blue LEDs. Also shown in pictures and available are the AC/DC Ramp Decals. ​Order yours today!

AC/DC 4th Generation Lightning Bolts