Made especially for the Premium edition of John Borg's masterpiece!

Created with advanced electro-luminosity technology, making them the most technically advanced inner cabinet art blades in the world!

PowerBladez™ are as thin as our original PinBlades™ and have a simple plug and play Installation.

Check out the installation video here:


Only from PinGraffix!


The Munsters Premium Animated PowerBladez™

  • Refund/Exchanges

    Our number 1 priority is to make sure our customers are 100% happy, so if you have a problem with your product or want to exchange it for a new one, please see our Refund/Exchange Policy Page.

  • Decal Information

    Printed on Easy-Release Sturdy High Quality Vinyl and has the same scratch-resistant coating that the factory graphics have. Can easily be repositioned and removed if needed.

  • Videos of PowerBladez

    Please check out our complete collection of PowerBladez™ in action by visiting the PinGraffix 2.0 YouTube Channel

  • What are Powerbladez™

    Light up the night with our amazing animated inner art blades for your pinball machine. They are as thin as inner art decals but have advance electroluminescent technology.




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