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Help and FAQ'S

What are PinBlades™?
PinBlades™ is a registered trademark of PinGraffix Inc, they are beautifully designed graphic decals that are scratch resistent and super durable. They are made with DuraCoat technology and composed of three separate layers. The first layer is a repositionable adhesive with a  high-tech mesh pattern that allows the PinBlades™ to lay flat and to be fitted without any air bubbles. The second is our a brillantly UV- resistant graphics using only the finest pigments available in the industry, and the third top most layer is our specially formulated scratch resistant over laminate. 
How hard are PinBlades™ to install?

Not very hard. It should not take more than 20 minutes to install them.

How do you install them?

Click Here to DOWNLOAD a PDF with installation instructions.

I have seen similar designs before on a friend’s game and they were all ripped. Do PinBlades™ rip easily?

PinBlades™ are made from a special formula of materials. The top layer is a special layer with a protective coating. It has the same scratch resistant coating the factory uses but it also allows the vibrant colors to shine through. While no decal is impossible to rip, they do withstand most abuse and should last years. It’s always a good practice to be careful when lowering and raising your machine's playfield.


How long do the colors last ?

PInBlades® are created with the highest quality inks, so with normal indoor use the colors should last forever.


Are they Permanent?

Yes and No. PInGraffix uses a special formula of materials ensuring they will stay in place and last as long as you want them to. Should you wish to remove them, PinBlades™ will easily peel off. This is a fully reversible mod.  


Some of the paint came off my cabinet when I peeled them off,  Is this normal?

In some rare occasions it does occur, but should this happen it’s extremely minimal.


I messed up one of my PinBlades™ Can I get another?

In the chance that you damaged a PinBlade™ panel, we will replace your damaged set for an additional $25.00 (plus shipping). However, to receive this special replacement price, you must send us your old set first. We do not sell individual (single) PinBlades™

I sent an e-mail the other day.. did you get it?

Yes. We try to answer all e-mails in a timely fashion. However there are times when we are traveling to shows or in between events. This gives us limited access to the web or e-mail during these periods. We do and will answer all your messages and will get back to you ASAP.

My package is taking a while to get to me. Why?

At PinGraffix we take great pride in our work and are extremely passionate about pinball period. With that being most important here. This isn't your ordinary mass-produced product but rather hand-crafted workmanship that takes skilled hands that also needs to go through our QA before it goes into a box and out to you.  At times, there may be a shortage of a particlur product or material that we ourselves may be waiting for. One thing you can count on is, we always deliver. All orders are custom made to order.

Can you mark my international order down for customs purposes?
Marking down actual prices is illegal and therefore no we cannot for any reason.

I don’t see my country in the Checkout window for shipping. Do you ship to my country?

We ship Worldwide. If you do not see your country during check out. Please email us ( for a price quote on shipping.


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Not all PinBall Machines are created equal. Some machine tolerances are different than others for various reasons. Please make sure to measure the gaps in between the playfield and the Wall of the pinball machine on both sides before ordering. You should have at least 1/8 of an inch clearance in order to install PInBlades™ and keep them from getting scuffed or ruined. If you do not have the 1/8 inch then your machine is probably not a good candidate for PInBlades™.

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