Super LImited Edition.

Ultra-rare and ultra Bad-Ass

BladeSkinz™ are Chorme Mirror Blades incoroporated with our beautfiul graphics.
Attack From Mars Pinball Mirror Bladeskinz are an insane Upgrade for your Classic AFM or AFMR.  


Our BladeSkinz are mounted on Highest Quailty MIrror Blades with most beautiful shine!

These are not those cheap Mirror Blades you see out there.


We are only making 50 of these and thats it!.
Each set will be signed and numbered by JoeRaptor.


Get them while they last!


(Due ot the intricate work that is involved please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery)



Attack From Mars Pinball Mirror Bladez™- Bally/Williams Pinball

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  • Decal Information

    Printed on Easy-Release Sturdy High Quality Vinyl and has the same scratch-resistant coating that the factory graphics have. Can easily be repositioned and removed if needed.