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© 2019 by PinGraffix 2.0 Inc. All rights reserved. Fine Crafted in the USA

Official Distributors of Bally/Williams, and Jersey Jack Pinball Products.





The Black Knight Rides again with these awesome PowerBladez by PinGraffix!


These amazing PowerBladez will make heads turn and Flails spin. Highly detailed beautiful animated prints..
a true work of art. No Black Knight Sword of Rage should be without them.


Created with advanced electro-luminosity technology, making them the most technically advanced 

inner cabinet art blades in the world!


PowerBladez™ are as thin as our original PinBlades™ and have a simple plug and play Installation.


An Official Authorized Product.


Stand up and fight..Maggot!


Only from PinGraffix!





Black Knight Sword of Rage PowerBladez