NY Pinball

Hello PInheads!

This week we paid a visit to our good friend Ron Barabagallo over at New York Pinball in Smithtown, NY Ron is the owner of New York Pinball, and an Authorized STERN and Jersey Jack Pinball dealer. He also restores and sells Pinball machines and arcade games.

Many people in these parts here will tell you that his work is impeccable.

For instance. I once watched him restore a perfectly good Adams Family Gold down to the staple! His machines are all top of the line, and well simply beautiful.. We visited his new new showroom and it was amazing! Beautiful rows of pinball machines all lined up like soldiers!

SAFECRACKER, BK2K, KISS, STTNG, CV, TAF, AFM to name a few! My son delightfully volunteered to clean off the playfield glasses just so he can look at each and every game.