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What are PinGraffix™ Holograffix™ Premium Series?


PinGraffix™ Holograffix™ Premium Series are printed on special Holographic material. Giving your pinball machine a unique and shimmering metalic sheen along with beautiful prismatic colors.
Looks absolutely fabulous!


Our special formulated PinGraffix™ Holograffix™ Interior Art Blades will not damage your cabinet if you choose to remove them at a later time like some of those other "Blades" out there.
No need for a heat gun or to get the wood putty and black paint out with these bad boys. 


Holograffix™ Interior Art Blades Only from PinGraffix!™   


All PinGraffix products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

All Rights reserved PinGraffix 2.0 Inc. 2021


Williams Funhouse "Coaster" PinBlades® - HOLOGRAFFIX™

Hors TVA
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    Printed on Easy-Release Sturdy High Quality Vinyl. Has the same scratch-resistant coating that the factory graphics have. No need to worry about scratching and ripping like those other panels out there. Can easily be easily re-positioned and removed if needed. Best of all they are made here in the good ole' USA.PinBlades are a registered trademark of PinGraffix Inc.

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